VLSI Memristor/RRAM SPICE Compact Model

Physical memristor/RRAM/resistive switching device SPICE compact model, that is able to accurately fit both unipolar/bipolar devices settling to its current-voltage relationship.

Main capabilities:

  • Accurate modeling of dynamic resistance, mimicking physical device response.
  • Modeling switching behavior for bipolar/unipolar devices.
  • Cycle and switching event count.
  • Modular and extensible: Temperature aware case of study.
  • Variability aware: voltage/cycle dependent RTN, cycle to cycle conduction changes.
  • Provision of variability dynamics and resistive state retention handling, defining how the device degrades through time/cycle stress.
  • Explicit support for multi-level storage, allowing the modeling of Pristine State -the initial High Resistive State (HRS) prior any electroforming-.
  • Project page: http://vlsi.die.upm.es/memristor_spice_model

Both LT-Spice and Cadence Spectre compact models/test benches are provided.